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Here are some of Shiverz Designs Favorite Places & People

Outofsite Photography

Kim Mallory Photography

Sarah Soverign Photography

Bells & Babies Photography

Dixie Delight

Facebook Fan Page

Miss Marteeny

Facebook Fan Page


Facebook Fan Page

Rockabilly's Clothing

MorrisMore Models

 It is always a good time when getting together with the duo of OutofSite. There photography is awesome and I am proud to call them friends!!

 Kim has a talented eye to capture the most stunning photograph. She is a Joy and a pleasure to be around and I hope to work with her again in the future!

Sarah has a artistic eye I really admire. Her photography is colorful and lively and I am so very excited on new upcoming projects with her.

The outdoor Photo  shoot with Bells and Babes Photography was one of the best days. The images Tanya captured blew my mind. She is one talented lady.

Go like this lovely ladies Fan page and show her some love. This hardworking gorgeous gal in one of my best friends and I love her to bits!!!

This Hot Dame is Miss Marteeny! Go share some love  and support with her!

Professional, smart, gorgeous and talented all rolled up into Rinjii - The petite model.

She deserves some love so go show it to her!

Now we have the coolest store on Vancouver Island!! With the best clothing for the rockabilly/pinip/hotrod sub culture, Rockabilly's has what you are looking for and more!

The most gorgeous alternative girls in Vancouver! Check Out Morrismore for news and photos of all the gorgeous gals!

Click on the images to see more!!!

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