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Shiverz was proud to be part of Valt (Vancouver Fashion & Arts Weekend ) for the past 5 years. Those will always be fond memories and really helped so many be the crazy creative self.
Shiverz was proud to chosen to be a part of Shine at a sold old Commodore Ballroom. She was paired with the amazing salon Headspace. This wonderful chairity fashion show was a show not to miss. So many amazing designers and Salons raised a lot of money for Canadian Mental health.

Shiverz is excited to show 8 looks this year at Vancouver exclusive Little Black dress Gala. Click the image below for more information & Watch highlights from last years events.

Summer Festival Season! Catch Shiverz hitting up some amazing Music festivals vending her wares and sharing some unique art installments!

Get ready for some amazing fashion and entertainment this September! Shiverz is proud to be a part of this amazing event with a whole new line inspired by the great artist Yayoi Kusama.
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